Pizza History

SPC oven 1 HR

The first true pizza was invented in Naples, Italy, in 1889, when Raffaele Esposito was commissioned to create a pizza for the visiting Italian Queen, Margherita of Savoy.  After sampling several variations of pizzas, Queen Margherita chose the pie with the colors of the Italian Flag, made with red tomatoes, green basil, and white mozzarella cheese.  The pizza was then named after the Queen, as Pizza Margherita.

The first pizza place in the United States later opened in New York’s Little Italy, in 1905.  Since that time, the United States has continued to adopt numerous regional forms of pizza, some bearing little resemblance to the Italian original.  Today’s pizza traditions include, among others, California-style pizza, Chicago-style pizza, Detroit-style pizza, Hawaiian pizza, New Haven-style pizza, New York-style pizza, and St. Louis-style pizza.

At Sedona Pizza Company we strive to maintain the traditions of the true original, The Neapolitan Pizza.  Our authentic pizza sauce is made with San Marzano Tomatoes, each grown on the volcanic plains to the south of Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy.  We mill these special tomatoes and finish our pizza sauce with a pinch of sea salt.

We make our genuine Neapolitan pizza dough with Italian grown, Caputo “00” flour, considered by many to be the best pizza flour in the world.  We mix our dough in an authentic imported Italian mixer.  Unlike most commercial mixers in the United States, our Italian mixer has a spiral mixing unit that helps keep the dough at a lower mixing temperature to prevent premature proofing, thus contributing to a better, lighter and chewier crust.  After the rising process, our dough is stretched by hand and baked in one of the world’s greatest pizza ovens, the Forni Stefano Ferrara.

Our oven is hand built, brick by brick, in Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza, by Stefano Ferrara, a 3rd generation Neapolitan oven maker.  The Italian bricks of our oven are held together with mortar made from volcanic ash from Italy’s Mount Vesuvius.  The inside dimension of the oven is painstakingly constructed so that the wood fire radiates searing heat to cook both the top and bottom of our pizzas at the same rate.  The 900 degree oven produces a true 60-90 second bake time, true to our Italian tradition.

Our tomatoes, flour and other quality ingredients, our mixer, the way our oven stores the heat, the smoky flavor imparted on the pizza from the wood, and the speed at which our oven cooks, are all key to how we, at Sedona Pizza Company, make true Neapolitan Pizza. Buon Appetito!